Work in Turkey to obtain residency

According to Turkish Citizenship Law No. 591, foreign nationals who are legally employed in Turkey and have a continuous 5-year insurance history are eligible to apply for permanent citizenship. In other words, if you work legally in Turkey for five consecutive years, you can then apply to become a Turkish citizen.

کار در ترکیه برای اخذ اقامت

Working conditions and retirement in Turkey

Similar to other countries, the employment conditions in Turkey are governed by certain regulations. With the exception of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus citizens, all foreign residents must obtain a work visa, which can be obtained through a Turkish employer with the approval of the Turkish Ministry of Labor and Social Security, usually for a minimum of one year. It’s worth noting that each country has its own pension system with distinct retirement benefits for men and women. However, some may argue that Turkey provides favorable conditions for retirees.

For those who choose to reside in Turkey, many retirees are interested in learning about the retirement options available in the country. It’s important to note that there is no specific visa for retirement in Turkey, so you can visit the country as a tourist and spend your retirement years there. Another option is to obtain residency and eventually citizenship through the purchase of property in Turkey.

The age at which one can receive a pension in Turkey is determined by the date of enrollment in the social security system and is subject to change as per the regulations. Individuals who joined the system between 8 September 1999 and 28 March 2008, and have made payments towards long-term insurance for 7200 days, can receive their pension at the age of 60 for men and 58 for women. It’s expected that this age will be raised to 65 for both genders in the future. The amount of the pension is calculated based on the insurance contributions made during one’s working years and it’s important to note that pensions are exempt from taxation.

In Turkey, men are eligible to retire at the age of 55 if they have made insurance payments for at least 5,000 days. Women, on the other hand, can receive early retirement benefits at the age of 50 if they have made insurance payments for 3,600 days. Additionally, individuals who have physical disabilities or have worked a minimum of 4,500 hours over 25 years are eligible to be officially recognized as retired according to the laws in Turkey.

Find work in Turkey

through the employer

If you intend to work in Turkey, you definitely need a work invitation from the Turkish employer, with which you can apply for a work visa from the Turkish embassy or consulate. At this stage, the Turkish employer must secure your Turkish employment permit from the Labor Department. As a result, if you complete the documents, you will be granted a one-year work residence in Turkey, and it is worth noting that after 8 years of continuous work in Turkey, you may qualify for permanent residence…

through a tourist visa

An individual seeking employment in Turkey can first enter the country by obtaining a visa or a tourist residency. Once they have found their desired job, they can then obtain a work permit and change their residency status from tourist to work. It’s important to note that individuals with a tourist residency are not allowed to work in Turkey and must obtain a work permit in order to engage in any employment activities.

Important tips for working in Turkey

For foreign individuals to work in Turkey, they must possess a valid work permit. The necessary documents, including the employment contract, a letter of introduction from the Turkish employer, identification documents, educational certificates, etc., must be submitted to the Ministry of Labor after securing a job. In Turkey, work contracts are typically negotiated for a one-year period between the company and the individual. After the contract is signed, the employee is protected by Turkish labor laws as covered by their employer. The minimum salary in Turkey is determined based on the inflation rate, and the minimum wage for an unskilled worker in 2023 is set at 8,500 TL. The actual amount of wages paid is influenced by factors such as education, experience, and skills. The contract can be extended at the end of the work period, which is typically one year, with the agreement of both parties.

کار در ترکیه برای اخذ اقامت

Procedures for obtaining a work permit in Turkey

A work visa in Turkey allows its owner to work in this country. As a result, foreign nationals seeking a Turkish work visa can obtain a work visa by signing a work contract with a Turkish company and submitting their application, allowing them to stay in Turkey for one year. The important thing about obtaining a Turkish work visa is to accept a job offer from a Turkish company and do the following steps: First, submit your application online, and the employer must provide documents related to the employment of a non-Turkish person within a week of your application. Send to the government.

The outcome of the application will be communicated to the applicant in writing and via email after a certain period of time. They will have up to 30 days from the time of receiving the result to apply for a Turkish work visa. It is recommended that individuals travel to Turkey on a tourist visa and change their residency status to a work residency after securing a job.

Documents required to obtain a work permit in Turkey

The following documents are required to apply for a work visa in Turkey:

  • A copy of the employment contract
  • Translation and submission of the latest academic degree and transcripts
  • Translated recommendation letter
  • A skill certificate if required for the job
  • Passport with a minimum validity of six months
  • Clearance certificates
  • Valid health insurance
  • The Turkish work visa application form
  • Two recent photographs
  • Translation of the degree
  • Proof of financial stability

It typically takes about 30 working days for an individual who intends to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days to obtain a work visa.








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