$ 250,000 property in the area of granting citizenship to foreigners Chinese pulled to Turkey.

Since September of last year to grant citizenship to the 250,000-dollar first Chinese real estate sector, including the Far East it is attracted to the market in Turkey. So far, intensive recruitment for Middle Easterners of his citizenship in Turkey’s real estate market was so, including the Chinese. According to Turkstat, the Chinese, while among the more than 10 countries engaged in real estate purchases in Turkey until three years fell purchases in subsequent years. As of 2019, purchases of Chinese citizens who returned with citizenship increased again. When the Chinese are looking at the investments they make in terms of all real estate in Turkey, which faces measuring the total shares hit 34 in 2018 in queue, draws attention in 2019 to 23 as they exit. When the real estate acquisitions are examined in terms of the number of independent sections in terms of all types of real estate in China, 155 independent sections have been acquired with 10,772 square meters in 2019 and 83 independent sections have been acquired in 2018 with 4,881 square meters. When looking at the independent section, it is noticed that they mostly prefer independent sections with small square meters.




According to Leyla Ilhan News of the World newspaper, Turkey’s citizenship offer the most favorable conditions between the EU and countries close to the quality of the building stock to sell at a reasonable price was instrumental in the return of the Chinese. assessing the interest of the Chinese to Turkey market Istanbul Builders Association (INDER), and Technical Building Nazmi Durbakayım, a few months the Chinese importing it started to deal with the Turkish real estate, “we began to negotiate with the Chinese agency. Soon they will start organizing tours to our projects. ” Durbakayım assess the scale of this bending of the population in Turkey as a very good development, “among the countries close to the EU citizenship, offering the most favorable conditions currently the country was Turkey. Montenegro’s citizenship was cheap in the past. But now they have aggravated the conditions. Therefore, we offer the most suitable citizenship opportunities in Europe ”. Durbakayım, these purchases are expected to increase like avalanche, he said.


GYODER President Feyzullah Yetgin said that they started to see the increasing interest of the Chinese, “We see that the purchase of residential and commercial real estate for citizenship purposes not only in Istanbul but also in cities outside Istanbul. It also seems to increase interest. ” Stating that the number of wealthy people is high in the big market like China, Yetgin said:

“This Market is moving. Considering that 3 to 5 percent of a population of 1.7 billion comes, even this is a huge volume. ”

Turkey’s cultural wealth, as also in the offer with a reasonable opportunity to the Chinese that Turkey is more appealing to transfer Yetgin, as well as the Chinese but also drew attention to the Iranians between enhancing citizenship for their purchases in recent years in Turkey, he said. Yetgin, social life next to the geographical location of Turkey, of the suitability of captured foreign media and price stability in recent years attracted told Turkey. Yetgin said, “It is not possible to find such properties in European countries at these prices. There are pronounced 5-10 times the faults for similar projects. ”


Turkey-China Business Council of DEIK Chairman Murat foreman also assessed developments. China is a country that sends 170 million tourists every year transfers Kolbasi, Chinese citizens intensively purchase real estate for citizens in Canada, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong in countries such as said. KOLBASI indicating that the possibility of these countries offer dual citizenship in these countries makes it attractive, “Now list also began to enter Turkey. There are direct flights from 6 different cities from China to Istanbul every day. In the near future these expeditions will be made from 7 cities ”. All this makes it attractive is that Turkey’s record foreman, said real estate firms in the projects they are making efforts to introduce Chinese in Turkey. Foreman, both health with this work began in 2019, said they told their citizenship opportunities in Turkey.

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