China’s capital opened its doors to visitors on April 29 in Beijing, one of the world-famous international exhibition, ’21st Gardening / Botanical path of the expo in our promotions with Turkey to more Chinese tourists to come was opened. The country star’s fair was visited by 100 thousand people a day come through Turkey one of the most visited participating countries.

Trade, particularly in the area of ​​hosting model works in Turkey Turkey was marked by the symbol. Turkey, 2 thousand 400 square meters of space at the fair, while the Chinese, Galata Tower, are competing with each other to take pictures with the model of Turkey’s landmarks, such as fairy chimneys.

Chinese citizens who visit the Fairs at the first opportunity they expressed they wanted to come to Turkey. Chinese authorities, emphasizing that many citizens want to go to Turkey, Turkey easy reach from all points of the country on behalf of THY was urged to put new flights to many cities.

between China and Turkey in parallel to the increase of bilateral relations in recent years the number of Chinese tourists coming to Turkey also found 400 thousand per year. with an increase in the number of Chinese tourists coming to Turkey Airlines and Chinese companies continues to soar to new destinations between the two countries and work to increase the number of flights. Airlines, in increments of riding in this rapidly experienced eight new destinations to develop more speed work on behalf fly from China to Turkey, while China is expected to reach 1 million in the number of tourists after 2 years. The Chinese at the beginning of the places they visit most frequently in Turkey, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Ephesus, Istanbul is coming.


With the opening of Istanbul Airport, Chinese airlines started to fly to Istanbul one after another. China Southern airways re-start of the next month in the middle of the country outside Beijing from Wuhan city uçacak.çin to Turkey on behalf of other airline companies to grab a share of the number of tourists to Turkey to arrange a time. Sichuan Airlines from Chengdu will start flights to Istanbul from April 30th, three days a week, while Lucky Air is expected to fly from Kunming, the capital and largest city of Yunnan province in the southwest of the country, starting in July. Turkish Airlines flies to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong in China.


More Chinese tourists behalf attract Turkey in China, the rate is given for the Turkey presentation in particular 29 countries over 100 opens its doors to visitors in Beijing in April and held with the participation of international organizations’ Gardening / Botanical EXPO offers Turkey was marked. the important tourism center which is popular in the last period of Chinese with fairy chimneys in Cappadocia Galata Tower, Anatolia is located in the model of symbolic structures such as houses, which was founded in 2 thousand 400 square meters showed great interest in the exhibition will remain open to Chinese citizens on October 7 to Turkey section. Millions of people visited the fair as one of the countries where Chinese tourists browsing the most visited part of Turkey, while visitors from many countries outside China are also attending the fair. 100 thousand daily visitors come through the model structure of the symbol section exhibited in Turkey Chinese citizens are finding the opportunity to make a small tour in Turkey.


Chinese people who visited the fair, Galata Tower, such as chimneys are to have pictures taken with the model of Turkey’s landmarks are competing with each other. Chinese citizens who visit the Fairs at the first opportunity they expressed they wanted to come to Turkey. Especially the Chinese, the Turkey with which they are most interested in and most of the places they want to visit Cappadocia is coming at the very beginning and they said he was here to do a round balloon. Chinese, Turkish and countries from every point in order to go to Turkey for the airline to put the new point of time, they urged.


Chinese authorities, with an emphasis on the large number of citizens want to go to Turkey, Turkey for putting on behalf of THY easy reach of the new time point urged. In Xiaman, one of China’s major port cities, authorities called for THY to fly to their cities. Li Xiaoping, Mayor of the Foreign Office of Xiamen Municipality, emphasized that Turkish Airlines would have an important passenger potential if he flew to the cities. “We had talked with the Turkish ambassador about the flights between Xiaman and Istanbul. According to the examinations we have made, it has a very serious potential if the flights start. THY will fly here before our own companies, because the wide fuselage of our Ximan airlines is not enough. We would be very happy if Turkish Airlines could start this campaign. ”

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