Who can benefit from General Health Insurance?

  • Foreigners have been granted a residence permit in Turkey,
  • Turkey without insurance in a foreign country are external,
  • living for a long time, and foreign nationals who apply after this time a year can benefit from universal health insurance in Turkey.

Is it compulsory for foreign nationals to apply for general health insurance?
No, foreign nationals can apply for general health insurance upon their request.

Where Do Foreign Nationals Apply to Benefit from General Health Insurance?
Foreign nationals must personally visit the nearest social security center to apply for general health insurance. In almost every district of Turkey has social security center. The number of social security centers in the country is around 600.

Which documents do foreign nationals need to apply to benefit from the general health insurance?

  • Residence permit,
  • Original or photocopy of the text indicating the social security situation in terms of the general health insurance application obtained from the relevant foreign country social security institution or work attaché,
  • Commitment form

Which Health Services Can Foreign Nationals Use?
Foreign nationals; The treatment of other diseases other than chronic diseases that existed before the date when the general health insurer or the general health insurer is considered as a dependency is covered by the general health insurance.

Can the persons who are under the care of the foreign nationals under the scope of General Health Insurance Benefit from the General Health Insurance?
Foreign nationals, except those studying abroad; residing abroad in Turkey or in another country without insurance;

  • Wives,
  • Children under the age of 18,
  • Unmarried children under the age of 20 in high school or equivalent,
  • Unmarried children who are under 25 years of age if they have higher education,
  • Unmarried children, regardless of age
  • The parents, whose living is provided by a foreign national, determined according to the criteria determined by the Authority, may benefit from health services.

How do the persons who have an application or status of international protection and are recognized as stateless (Haymatlos) become a general health insurer?
International protection application or after recognized as stateless as people with international protection status who do not have any insurance coverage, people who are not paying power to fuse with the Republic of Turkey can have universal health insurance by contacting within a month the Interior Ministry Migration Administration Directorate. The insurance premium of these persons is covered by the institution.

Can Foreign Students Benefit from General Health Insurance?
foreign students studying in Turkey, 1 year from the date they register for school without residence permit must be searched can benefit from universal health insurance if they are in demand within 3 months. Students who do not apply for universal health insurance within this period do not apply general health insurance provisions during their education.

What is the General Health Insurance Premium Rate to be paid by foreign nationals?
The premium rate to be paid by foreign nationals is 24% of the minimum wage.

What is the General Health Insurance Premium Rate that Foreign Students Will Pay?
The premium rate to be paid by foreign nationals is 4% of the minimum wage. The premium difference arising as a result of the changes in the minimum wage shall be paid to the Authority until the last day of the month in which the change is applied.
One-year registration is made for the students and the one-year premium must be paid.
changes in the minimum wage in Turkey is made in January of each year and the minimum wage increase indicates a certain degree. The minimum wage set for 2018 is TL 1603.

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