Turkey 250 thousand dollars in the real estate field giving citizenship to foreigners directly. High-income Middle Easterners are interested in the practice both with the low amount and the thought of maintaining the Islamic lifestyle.

The real estate investment required by foreigners who want to be Turkish citizens has been reduced from 1 million dollars to 250 thousand dollars since 19 September 2018. Moreover, in this way, the applicants are not granted a oturma residence permit doğrudan but a direct citizenship. The process begins with contacting a foreign investor consulting company in Turkey. Republic of Turkey in approximately 45-50 days after the submission of required documents, identity cards are delivered to the whole family.


Which countries show interest?
In this way, Ata Corporate Consultancy General Manager Murat Sarıusta, who serves foreigners intending to obtain citizenship, tells DW Turkish that the most interest comes from Iran and Iraq. These countries are followed by countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Algeria, Libya and Yemen.

Passport strength
All over the world, people who want to obtain a second citizenship by investment, first turn to a country with a stronger passport than their own country.

According to Henley & Partners’ “Henley Passport Index 2019” report, Iraq and Afghanistan passports, which provide visa-free entry to only 30 countries, are at the bottom of the list of the most powerful passports. Iranian passport provides access to 42 countries, Jordanian, Egyptian and Tunisian passports to 50 countries and Azerbaijan passport to 66 countries without a visa.

The Turkish passport provides travel to 111 countries without a visa. This situation, said residential sales to foreigners in Turkey is estimated to be among the causes of the country stand out.

“Gives citizenship to the robot, not to the Palestinian doctor”
Speaking to DW Turkish on behalf of SLV Consulting, which provides real estate consultancy services to companies, Burak Selvi says that the interest from the Gulf countries is related to the zengin rich but stateless “high-income segment. For example, in Qatar, only 13 percent of the population is Qatari, while the remaining 87 percent are foreigners who come to work in the country. Although these people have middle and upper income, they cannot get citizenship from Qatar where they work for long periods.

prefer Turkey’s investor “will make sure that the food they eat pork, films, series will live wherever they see in” Saudi by Cypress to review the words of Arabia and the United Arab Emirates also have a similar situation: “Saudi Arabia is giving citizenship to the robot, Palestinian, Egyptian doctor They receive qualified support from these people they pay salaries with until their retirement. ”

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