During 2017 and 2021 the fever of buying property in the Turkey was rising up rocketly and flowingly the prices and exchange rates were dramatically changing each day. However due to the COVID-19 pandemic this trend was expecting to be stopped , just because the buyers are unsure about the near future they are just following the news instead of sharp action. So now all you need in this darkness is a wise and experienced consultancy and we are here for you to lead you step-by-step until the end of this road.

We can assure you that the right investment at the right time is now and if you are thinking of investing your money in real estates in Turkey , it is time to take this bold And smart step now for three reasons:

First; in the light of the negative impacts of the coronavirus many construction companies have laid out attractive offers and discounts up to 30%

Second; because of the decline in the Turkish lire’s exchange rate against the dollar and because of the prices of apartments are given in Turkish Lira and having the comparison between Turkish Lira with any other Money rates’ makes it to believe that the offers have become more affordable for everyone.

Third; Sharply after buying in this period of time before the end of 2021 you will notice a big positive multiplied change in the price of the apartment that you bought.

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